6 Mar 2023
Our work ‘Is ChatGPT better than Human Annotators? Potential and Limitations of ChatGPT in Explaining Implicit Hate Speech’ and ‘Chain of Explanation: New Prompting Method to Generate Higher Quality Natural Language Explanation for Implicit Hate Speech ’ got accepted for The Web 2023 Poster track

2 Feb 2023
Our work ‘‘Political Honeymoon Effect on Social Media: Characterizing Social Media Reaction to the Changes of Prime Minister in Japan’ and ‘Wearing Masks Implies Refuting Trump?: Towards Target-specific User Stance Prediction across Events in COVID-19 and US Election 2020’ got accepted for ACM WebSci’23.

9 Jan 2023
After amazing two years in SMU, we moved to Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering, Indiana University Bloomington.

18 July 2022
Our work ‘“This is Fake News”: Characterizing the Spontaneous Debunking from Twitter Users to COVID-19 False Information’ is accepted in ICWSM’23.

1 June 2022
Jisun serves as a PC chair of ASONAM 2022.

1 June 2022
Haewoon serves as a best paper committee at WebSci’22

19 April 2022
Our work ‘Storm the Capitol: Linking offline political speech and online Twitter extra-representational participation on QAnon and the January 6 insurrection’ is accepted in Frontiers in Sociology.

4 April 2022
Our work ‘Modeling Political Activism around Gun Debate via Social Media’ is accepted in ACM Transactions on Social Computing.

30 March 2022
Our work ‘You Have Earned a Trophy: Characterize In-Game Achievements and Their Completions’ is accepted in WebSci’22.

23 March 2022
Our work ‘Measuring 9 Emotions of News Posts from 8 News Organizations across 4 Social Media Platforms for 8 Months’ is published in ACM Transactions on Social Computing.

16 March 2022
Our work, ‘Who Is Missing? Characterizing the Participation of Different Demographic Groups in a Korean Nationwide Daily Conversation Corpus’ and ‘Understanding Toxicity Triggers on Reddit in the Context of Singapore’, are accepted in ICWSM’22

7 Feb 2022
Our work ‘What really matters?: characterising and predicting user engagement of news postings using multiple platforms, sentiments and topics’ is published in Behaviour & Information Technology.

12 October 2021
Haewoon serves as a Virtual Experience chair of ACM FAccT (Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency) 2022.

24 September 2021
Our work ‘Precision Public Health Campaign - Delivering Persuasive Messages to Relevant Segments Through Targeted Advertisements on Social Media’ is published in JMIR Formative Research.

15 September 2021
Jisun serves as a PC chair of AAAI ICWSM (International Conference on Web and Social Media) 2022.

26 August 2021
Our work on anti-Asian slurs during COVID-19 is accepted as EMNLP Findings.

2 August 2021
Our work ‘Estimating Homophily in Social Networks Using Dyadic Predictions ‘ is published in Sociological Science.

22 July 2021
Our work ‘FrameAxis: characterizing microframe bias and intensity with word embedding’ is published in PeerJ Computer Science.

1 July 2021
Haewoon was awarded the D.S. Lee Foundation Fellowship for a period of one year.

21 June 2021
Jisun served as a PhD Symposium Chair at WebSci.

10 June 2021
Jisun received the best reviewer award at ICWSM.

8 June 2021
Our work ‘How-to Present News on Social Media: A Causal Analysis of Editing News Headlines for Boosting User Engagement’ is presented at ICWSM.

23 April 2021
Haewoon received the best reviewer award at The Web.

19 Feb 2021
Our work ‘How to be successful in social media? A causal analysis of 8 media’s news sharing practices on Twitter’ is selected as an oral presentation in Computation+Journalism Symposium 2021.

1 Jan 2021
Jisun serves as an associate editor of EPJ Data Science starting from 2021.

1 Oct 2020
Our lab is officially starting!